So often we make prayer much more complicated then it needs to be.

Prayer is simply talking to God.

You can pray whenever, wherever, and God can hear your thoughts so you don’t even have to pray out loud!

Even though you can pray while doing anything…make sure at least once a day you have a time where all you are doing is talking to God. A time where you can give Him your full focus and not be distracted by anything else.

God wants a relationship with YOU and we all know you can’t have a relationship without communicating. If every time that you talked to your best friend you were focused on something else, you were short and you were usually just asking for something…you probably wouldn’t stay best friends for very long.

He wants to hear from YOU because he LOVES you.

A lot of people find that writing out their prayers is not only a great way to get everything out but also a great way to keep track of whats going on in your life. It is amazing to look back and see how God has answered your prayers!



Be honest.

Be thankful.

Be faithful.

But most of all BE READY to see the amazing things God does when you “pray and seek HIS face.”